Cocody Riviera 3 – Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire
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Anticipate requirements for compliance:

Customs: assistance on documentation, procedures, formalities and clearance, relationship management…

Regulatory agencies (standard bodies, Agriculture, Environment, Health …): Regulation, Documentation, Procedure …

Transport: Planning, monitoring, documentation,  …

Streamline the Logistics Chain: structure assessment and design – process assessment and monitoring, infrastructure assessment and design, handle documentation, Human capital assessment and training …

Market research and data analytics to manage the supply chain (ETA, Inventory management …)

Mapping and recommendation of key Public and Private key stakeholders to facilitate business transactions

Liaison and intermediation services with key business partners and public authorities.

Support on building sustainable and resilient positive working relationship with key Public and Private sector players

Advisory on Market prices and goods valuation systems, Advance Cargo Information systems, Digital inspections solutions, Cargo monitoring, Destination Inspections solutions ….

Support on the implementation of Trade Compliance solutions ….

Time reduction related projects: Process, logistics, documentation, tools …

Costs reduction related projects: structure, value chain

Capacity building